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Who We ARE

Two Gals Cleaning is a professional cleaning company serving the Oshkosh, WI Green Lake, WI and some surrounding areas. We specialize in property management cleaning, real estate cleaning, post construction cleaning, unpacking, organizing, small business cleaning, limited commercial cleaning and other seasonal and one-time cleaning services. We also provide vacation home & rental cleaning and care, including routine check-ups and turnovers. Call us today, we'd love to help!

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Short history

Two Gals Cleaning was formed in 2009. We previously specialized in residential cleaning, but grew to expand in other areas, and found ourselves favoring property cleaning. We started our business geared towards vacation homes and continue to offer those services, but have since branched out to offer property cleaning & maintenance, post construction cleaning, real estate cleaning (move-in, move-out), and small business cleaning. While we've expanded our genres of cleaning, our meticulousness and depth of detail remains the same.

Small Business mentality



Starting out as not a two-man operation but rather a two-woman operation, we hold fast to the idea of a small business mentality, as we've expanded our team and business throughout the years. We are a small, efficient, hard-working team - join us and send a message our way!

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